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Floor scraper blades are used to remove the remains of old carpet glue or other kinds of residues; such as mastic, actual carpet, vinyl, or tile. This residue needs to be removed in order to get ready for a new floor surface.

Prepping, or preparing, a floor for a new surface may involve a process called floor scraping. Floor scraping is one step that may be necessary to remove extra material which is adhered to the floor, or somehow in the way of getting the new floor covering best applied, where the old covering is being removed.

Floors for small surface areas can be scraped by hand using hand-held scraping tools in the same way that larger projects would be easier using walk-behind or ride-on machine scrapers.

Floor scraping machines from reputable brands including Blastrac are available through U.S. Shotblast Parts and Service Corp.

It is necessary to select the best blade for your floor scraping machine and our blades are:

  • —Available in multiple sizes and thicknesses

  • —Suitable for most brands of floor scraper machines

  • —Manufactured from high carbon steel

  • —Fit well for lightweight and heavy-duty machines

  • —Tough and durable

Floor scraper blades from U.S. Shotblast Parts and Service Corp deliver top quality performance and fit the majority of floor scraper models manufactured in the United States. U.S. Shotblast Parts and Service Corp is the preferred supplier for high-quality shot-blast equipment, surface preparation equipment and wear parts for reputable manufacturers of these products.

Reach us at our toll-free number 1-888-745-6766 (Or) Mail us at -

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