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Finish ahead of your competitors with our top-notch floor scraper blades this summer.

Winter will be over soon. While the sun starts to shine over homes and apartments, contractors are going to get real busy with floor cleaning and maintenance works during summer. Now is the exact time to secure some of the best set of floor scraper blades in the market.

Here are some points to ponder while selecting scraper blades:

  • - It must be compatible with multiple models of floor scraper machines from various brands.

  • - Should have a perfectly sharp edge to deal with the roughest and toughest floor coverings including ceramics, linoleum, vinyl, carpet, adhesives, glue, tiles, hardwood, parquet and lot more

US Shotblast serves the best in quality floor scraper blades which are earmarked for its reliability in the US market. Manufactured with high carbon content steel gained excellent Rockwell ratings for our floor scraper and carpet scraper blades. All kinds of floor scraper blades with variable thicknesses are available here at

Call us at 1-888-745-6766

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